Chi siamo

We are explorers. We are looking for the best expression of our land. We do it sipping wine.

La vigna rappresenta il lavoro, intenso e costante, ma alterna anche momenti di riposo, donando profonda serenità.

Our story starts with our arrival in the Vicenza area. We are a dynamic family, and having spent years living in various different Italian cities, we happened upon a mysterious agricultural holding in the heart of the Colli Berici hills. And so, we decided to put down roots. In reality, roots had already been put down here...

Approximately eight hectares of semi-abandoned vineyards, still well-rooted in the soil. All we did was simply take care of them and we gradually built up what we can now call our great little business: making a corner of paradise flourish once again. This is what Fondo Rubro is to us: a corner of paradise where grapes are cultivated and thoughts are shared.

Ruby red is the colour of the earth we tread. Ruby red is the character of our wine.

The soil, rich in red clays, inspired the name of Fondo Rubro, from the latin Ruber, meaning red.

Graceful and silent, the vineyards rise above the top of the hill, safe from fog and frost. Below them, the ruby red clay soil yields fragrant, fleshy grapes, perfectly suited to the production of authentic, well-structured wines. All around, these wild woods are the kingdom of precious biodiversity. The grapes are carefully tended, selected, hand-harvested and processed on the same day, always respecting the time it takes for things to happen...the times of the grapes, the times of the climate, the times of the grape must and resting times. We never get the same results twice. We always do our best.