About us

We are explorers. We are looking for the best expression of our land. We do it sipping wine.

Our story begins with our arrival in the Vicenza region. We are a dynamic family, and after years spent in various Italian cities, we stumbled upon a charming agricultural estate in the heart of the Colli Berici. And so, we chose to put down roots. In truth, the roots were already here...

Around eight hectares of semi-abandoned vineyards, deeply rooted in the soil. What we did was simply offer them our attention, and gradually, we committed ourselves to what we can now define as our small yet significant endeavor: bringing a corner of paradise back to life. For us, Fondo Rubro is exactly that—a corner of paradise where we cultivate the land and share our thoughts

They are the foundation of everything. They are the origins, the connection to the land. They are roots. 

Our origins come from the sea. We were born and raised in the wonderful Po Delta Park. Then, we became explorers. Explorers of lands, thoughts, ideas... until we encountered our vineyards. Just like the vine, which draws all its sustenance through its roots from the soil it is rooted in, we too have drawn the best from every experience.

An architect and an engineer, an aesthete and a mathematician. We love art and science, we live philosophy and technique, we seek beauty and quality. We want to convey all of this to you.