The Courtyard

An ancient home sits in the peaceful setting of an unspoilt garden.

We are in the homeland of Palladio. Not far from the centre of Vicenza stands an elegant farmstead, the ancient Fonte di Sant'Agostino, once a mineral water spring of with special properties beneficial to health. Behind it, an ancient road climbs steeply upwards through the rocks and shrubs, to the top of Monte Scaletta. Here you cross the boundary of the holding and an unexpected world unfolds before old stone farmhouse stands, silent, in the shade of maritime pines

Quiet reigns supreme. And this peacefulness indeed bears witness to the fact that the place was once upon a time dedicated to prayer and meditation. The Dominicans of Santa Corona chose this place as a grange, also building a little church here dedicated to Saint Vincent Ferreri.

The large barn was originally intended for agricultural use and, once upon a time, housed the stables. Today, following a complete renovation, these stables have been converted into tasting rooms and event spaces. The barn itself, retaining the flavor of its time, is now used to welcome anyone who wants to spend a moment of conviviality while enjoying the tranquility.