The estate

Ruby red is the colour of the earth we tread. Ruby red is the character of our wine.

Approximately 27 hectares of property gently nestled on the hill known as Scaletta. Woods, olive groves, meadows, vineyards, an intimate courtyard enclosed by an elegant building from distant epochs... and still, captivating glimpses and breathtaking views. A land we tread upon, cultivate, and live in.

Leaving behind the courtyard, the lime tree avenue leads to an untouched garden, where old and new paths traverse wild woods, ancient orchards, and flourishing vineyards. Graceful and silent, the latter stand at the summit of the hill, sheltered from fog and frost. At their feet, the reddish clay soil yields fragrant and fleshy fruits, promoting the production of authentic and structured wines. All around, the untamed woods are the realm of precious biodiversity.


The grapes are watched over, selected, hand-harvested, and processed on the same day, always respecting the rhythms... the rhythms of the fruit, the rhythms of the climate, the rhythms of the must, and the rhythms of rest. We never achieve the same results. We always do our best. Reaching the summit of the hill, the viewpoint, the gaze travels freely, accompanied by the sound of breath.